We’re baaaaack (again)!

Exciting news – a few things!

ATTENTION CONTENT CREATORS – The Flying Hun – Archery and Leather is looking for content creators for our sadly-neglected-and-we-want-to-fix-that website. Are you looking for an outlet for historical research, interesting tidbits or a place to write up articles you’ve wanted to make?

We are looking for YOU.

If you’re interested drop us a line here and we’ll talk.

THE WEBSTORE IS LIVE – kinda. We are working to get all the internal issues resolved (we’re looking at you, cart and shipping) and should have the store back online fully today or tomorrow morning at the latest. But for the moment you can poke around on the store and see our new design!

CUSTOM ORDERS – We are slowly catching up on custom orders and have a few more to complete from the Sherwood Season, and we apologize for the wait – but it’s worth it, trust us! The supply chain issues have hit us as well.

AND FINALLY – Last but not least, a more exciting note – the Hun has a new assistant! So, answering all those messages, emails and shipping stuff will be a lot smoother going forward. We’re super happy to have her on board!

One Comment on “We’re baaaaack (again)!

  1. Hello there ! i know the front page goes back to 2021 but i wanted to apply for the content creators advertisment. See, i’m a fourth year history student looking to specialize into turkish and central asian steppe cultures. So i’d be glad to write articles on the subject and on archery (which is my long lasting passion) for your website !


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