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The 2019 Conquest Cup – Istanbul, Turkey: Part II

Previously we discussed Istanbul’s history and why archery is such a core tenant of the culture.  Furthering that, one need only look at the military museums to see the kind of weight that archery has in Turkey.  From the common soldier all the way… Continue Reading “The 2019 Conquest Cup – Istanbul, Turkey: Part II”

The 2019 Conquest Cup – Istanbul, Turkey: Part I

To understand the weight of an archery competition in Turkey, specifically Istanbul – you must first get a glimpse of the history surrounding the “why” of it all. On May 29, 1453 after eight weeks of siege Sultan Mehmed II took Constantinople from the… Continue Reading “The 2019 Conquest Cup – Istanbul, Turkey: Part I”

TXIAF 2020 – Dates Announced!

That’s right!  The 2020 Texas International Archery Festival planning is well underway.  Be sure to check back here, and at The Texas International Archery Festival website for more details!    

Artisans Wanted!

The Flying Hun – Archery and Leather is, as you may have noticed – EXPANDING! Along with our base of operations at Sherwood Forest Faire – we have TRF starting this year (booth number 4 – right at the front) and another potentially HUGE… Continue Reading “Artisans Wanted!”

TXIAF Roster and Courses!

  TXIAF has updated their information regarding the ground and mounted courses, as well as released their final rosters!  This event is going to be amazing – for more information, please visit: The Texas International Archery Festival We will be vending at the event… Continue Reading “TXIAF Roster and Courses!”

TXIAF News: Venue Change

From the TXIAF Crew: Hello to everyone! We are proud to announce a venue change for our festival – as always we are looking for the best vendors, partners and most passionate folks to make this event a smashing success.  That said, we partnered… Continue Reading “TXIAF News: Venue Change”

Article Spotlight: Sport and Trail Magazine – March 2019

This is an exciting time in archery – and particularly for traditional eastern archery.  This month’s issue of We Ride Sport and Trail magazine features two articles specifically related to archery.  One for the background on what we do here at The Flying Hun… Continue Reading “Article Spotlight: Sport and Trail Magazine – March 2019”

Archery History: The Ottoman Bowcase

A rather unique item found almost exclusively in Eastern Archery is the bowcase.  Think of it as a holster for your bow – one you can either wear or attach to your saddle.  In the old west, the rifle scabbard was an essential piece… Continue Reading “Archery History: The Ottoman Bowcase”

Archery History: The Turkish Majra

One of the greatest things about archery, is that if you dig back far enough you begin to find some really interesting tools that expand past your bow and arrows. One such device is the “Majra” also known as the navak, or tong-ah. The… Continue Reading “Archery History: The Turkish Majra”

TXIAF Updates!

Every day the Texas International Archery Festival is getting bigger and bigger! Two new bands announced and we’re getting new vendors every day! The Texas International Archery Festival Check out this awesome poster – it should be up in a few places here soon.