About Us

The Flying Hun started in 2014 at Sherwood Forest Faire (Located in McDade, Texas – Booth #119 from March to April) and last year we added Shoppe #4 at The Texas Renaissance Festival (Todd Mission, TX – October through November) to our location lineup.  We are a one stop source for all eastern archery equipment; we stock bows, arrows, high-end leather gear and just about anything related to traditional archery.  Our primary focus is Eastern/Eurasian styled gear, for either foot or horseback archery. We have recently expanded our business to online sales, various shows, comic-cons and other venues.

The Hun


The Hun specializes in creating one-off and very high end leather gear for the discerning collector, shooter, mounted archer and re-enactor; he has been an archer for over 30 years, an archery instructor for nearly 10 years and a student of history his entire life.  Former USA Archery National Champion for Modern and Traditional Asiatic, a Level II Certified Instructor and former Archery Master for the Sherwood Forest Summer Camp.

His up-and-coming shooting team, “The Eastern Contingent” is a registered USA Archery club, Mounted Archery of the Americas Chapter and is open to any and all traditional shooters to represent the trad-community in USA Archery and USA Trad events around the US.

We are always looking for partners, vendors and fellow craftspeople to diversify our offerings.  Contact us if you would like to discuss partnering in the future.

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