The Texas International Archery Festival – TXIAF

Texas largest international archery festival – the 2019 festival boasted over 70 competitors from 12 countries competing in both mounted and ground archery, over 40 unique vendors, food, music and entertainment.  Held at the picturesque Sherwood Forest Faire Grounds in late April.

The Eastern Contingent

A registered USA Archery Club and the sporting/competition arm of The Flying Hun – Archery and Leather; our group focuses on traditional archery, history and building community.  The page will be updated regularly with national and local events for the Houston/Austin area.  Open to any and all that want to be a part of building the traditional archery community.

MA3 – Mounted Archery Association of the Americas

One of the oldest and largest Mounted Archery groups in the Americas – with over 20 chapters in the US (four in Texas alone!), MA3 is the prime group to get involved with the sport of Mounted Archery.  A great organization with regular practices and competitions.

USA Archery / USA Trad

One of the largest archery organizations in the USA – primarily focused on bare-bow, Olympic recurve and compound they recently branched out with a traditional focused set of tournaments.   New categories include both Traditional and Modern Horsebow and Longbow, respectively.  Also available are certification courses for teaching and clubs to join around the USA.

The Texas Renaissance Festival

One of the largest Renaissance Festivals in the world, TRF boasts over 55 acres of shops, entertainment, shows, food and patron camping like no other.  A must see attraction just 45 minutes north of Houston in the small town of Todd Mission, Texas.  The festival runs from October through November; our shop can be found at booth #4 – just inside the main gate on the right.

Sherwood Forest Faire

A mid-size medieval faire just outside of McDade, Texas; the faire runs eight-weekends from March through April.  Over 120 shops, multiple stages and a ton of attractions.  The Flying Hun’s booth is #119, a few doors down from the main stage – The Greenwood Stage.

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