The Modern Rogue Shoot: Part III, Archery Tricks

Before we finished shooting for the day, the guys wanted to see a few of the weird tricks you can do with thumb shooting.  It allows for far more flexibility and positioning than standard western style shooting, so I obliged them.  There were a few other odds and ends, but they picked the best of them.  From what I heard, the number one complaint about the original video was “we want to hear the signaling arrow!”.

Well…here it is.

The Modern Rogue Shoot: Part II

Part two of the Modern Rogue shoot featured my good friend Serena Lynn and Tippy’s trainer, Kent Battenfield.  They’re two of my favorite people and definitely had their work cut out for them.  Serena is always awesome to watch on the course and is one of the best horseback archers in the world; Kent is no slouch either, he’s an amazing horse trainer and is becoming an amazing horseback archer – so these guys had THE BEST teachers.

Watching them shoot at the walk was incredibly satisfying, and I know they had a blast.

The First Post – The Modern Rogue Shoot: Part I

Hello and welcome!

A few months ago I did a two-part video with the guys over at Modern Rogue.  It was amazingly fun, and the guys were good sports about pretty much everything I put them through.  We had a huge selection of traditional bows, arrows and equipment for them to look at and work with.

I had a few comments about historical goofs or things left out – well, let me say first off there were a TON of things cut from the final video.  I worked with them for about three and a half hours, so you can imagine how much had to get cut to be a workable twenty-or-so minute video.  So for those that are sticklers for the details – I promise they weren’t overlooked.

I’m going to make separate posts for the other two parts…so, enjoy!