New Stock: The Store is Updated!

Comicpalooza and Sherwood cleaned us out this year! But, if you've been waiting for some new toys - we got a huge order yesterday! All of our Ali Bows are re-stocked - including both Turkish and Crimean in most colors and weights from 20/30/40/50. We should be getting re-stocked on our entry level leather gear... Continue Reading →

Kyrgyzstan – The World Nomad Games

Probably the most exciting thing we've had come up this year is an invitation to The World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan; the games are massive - nearly three-thousand competitors and is broadcast in that part of the world to nearly five hundred million people. Basically, it's the nomad version of our olympics. Their games include... Continue Reading →

The Shop is Open!

That's right - The Flying Hun's online store is now active!  We'll be adding more items in the next few months to flesh out everything you'll need for ground and mounted archery.   We have new nocks, leather gear and some truly impressive bows headed this way - so keep an eye out for updates! The... Continue Reading →

The Modern Rogue Shoot: Part II

Part two of the Modern Rogue shoot featured my good friend Serena Lynn and Tippy's trainer, Kent Battenfield.  They're two of my favorite people and definitely had their work cut out for them.  Serena is always awesome to watch on the course and is one of the best horseback archers in the world; Kent is... Continue Reading →

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