Artisans Wanted!


The Flying Hun – Archery and Leather is, as you may have noticed – EXPANDING! Along with our base of operations at Sherwood Forest Faire – we have TRF starting this year (booth number 4 – right at the front) and another potentially HUGE piece of news later this year. That said – we are expanding in other ways too.

Consider this a call to all my fellow crafters.

Are you interested in archery, making things and want a venue to showcase your work? We are opening up to the idea of allowing other crafters and makers the chance to showcase and sell their work through our shops and website. That said, you partner with us, you will receive a better rate of return than our standard commission rate and don’t need to bother trying to purchase/manage/want-to-burn-down your own shop.

We are looking to partner with leather makers, bow builders, arrow makers, blacksmiths and horse tack/saddle makers.

We uphold a very high level of workmanship, a particular style and a love of history. If these are things you think you have – send us a PM, we’d love to discuss your work and what we can do for one another.

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